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Dementia 2020 - Partner Profile - Motitech

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Motitech is the Norwegian company behind Motiview. Motiview a motivational tool the helps stimulating older people and people with dementia to be more physically active through allowing them to ride an indoor exercise bike while watching high quality videos from familiar roads and childhood memories. Motiview is currently being used at more than 320 care homes, adult day care centers, senior community centers, home care services and rehabilitation across the Nordics, UK and Canada, and we estimate an impact on about 7000 older people from these installations.

Motiview was developed in cooperation with the Department for Senior Care in the City of Bergen, Norway (2012-2013). Based on the success in the project the company Motitech was established in Norway in 2013 and the video/cycling concept was launched under name Motiview.

The benefits from using Motiview have been documented through several projects; Improved mobility; Fewer falls; Faster rehabilitation; Increased appetite; Reduced obesity; Reduction in aggressive behaviour and medication; Better sleep; Less pain; Improved well-being; Encouraging for carers and family.

Just recently we got reports from Eastbourne of some users who used to be in wheelchairs who now could starting walking with walking frames instead due to the use of Motiview. We also had a report from Birmingham stating that the number of falls had been reduced from 33 to 6, comparing the 3 months before they started using Motiview and the first 3 months when had started using it. And we hear many stories coming from all over telling about how people have experienced improved physical and mental wellbeing due to using Motiview.

In 2017, Motitech organised the very first «Road Worlds for Seniors» with over 1150 older people joining in. In 2018 we had more than 2400 cyclists from six countries participating. Wearing T-shirts and bicycle hats in our own World Championship design, the participants cycled 52 000 km in the four weeks the championship lasted! Road Worlds for Seniors is a competition, but most of all it is a great opportunity to focus on the importance of physical activity for older people and people with dementia. With the tremendous joy and enthusiasm this event created, we have decided to make the Road Worlds for Seniors an annual event.

We now know that many age-related disorders are more often caused by physical inactivity than age itself. That is why we at Motitech try to build and facilitate a movement of focusing on physical activity and physical and mental wellbeing for older people and people with dementia, and the Road Worlds for Seniors is a part of that campaign.

As the official Road World Championships for professional cyclists is held in Yorkshire this year, we have entered into a partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Sport England and British Cycling to make the Road Worlds for Seniors a grand event in this country as well. We are now reaching out to care homes across the nation, and the goal is to have about 2000 participants from care homes and users of adult day care centres from the UK taking part this year, and they will be competing with thousands of others from the Nordics, Canada, Australia and the US.

If you would like to learn more about Motitech please visit https://motitech.co.uk/

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