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Dementia 2020 - Partner Profile - Zuri Care

Who are Zuri?

Zuri, owned by Care Software Solutions, a digital technology company, is a comprehensive, end-to-end, care management platform, providing a comprehensive, easy to use, full service, care management solution for care homes, home care agencies, day centres, and outreach services in the UK. Zuri enables care managers, directors and administrators to have full visibility of their entire organisation, in a flexible, auditable, compliant and reliable software package. Zuri’s solutions are innovative and advanced using the latest cutting-edge technology. With a suite of solution packages, Zuri is tailored to meet your care planning, rostering, financial management, eMAR, HR admin and reporting requirements. Offering comprehensive outcome-based care planning platforms for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, Zuri has taken caring to the next level.The Zuri mobile app brings together all the vital features that nurses, carers and support workers need into one centralised, digital location meaning they can do their job much more efficiently, spending less time documenting and more time caring for their clients. Managers are better able to securely manage client information and monitor care delivery remotely.

How has Zuri helped to improve Dementia care in the UK?

Designed by nurses for nurses, using the knowledge, skills and experience in the Dementia care sector, Zuri has revolutionised the way care managers can operate your care businesses, focusing on the human value and the individuality of people living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, by having all the information they need, at their fingertips, in real-time, where ever they are. With an estimated 850,000 people in the UK living with Dementia, and this figure set to double over the next 30 years, Zuri focusses on the importance of communication and the relationships between the person living with Dementia and the people closest to them and caring for them, in-order for them to achieve their full potential by promoting independence and wellbeing.

Zuri’s templated care plans and assessments specifically designed to meet the needs of clients with Dementia, whether in a care setting or not, are available to personalise and tailor to each individual client. Using the common problems associate with both Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease of wandering, incontinence, repetitive speech / actions, agitation, paranoia, sleeplessness / sundowning, eating / nutrition and bathing as the core components of their Care Plans, Zuri is able to offer best practice and NICE recommendations and interventions to promote cognition, independence and wellbeing, as well as managing other associated long-term conditions and palliative care for those living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

As the healthcare industry moves from analogue to digital, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary tool with several applications, from smart sensors and remote monitoring of movement and gait, to medical device integration that monitors vital statistics such as heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. These devices, which can be embedded in the physical things around us, can gather and share valuable information directly with each other and the cloud, making it possible to collect, record and analyse new data streams faster and more accurately, improving the entire system of client care, not to mention the client experience. Zuri are leaders in providing care agencies and residential care home owners with the technology they require to optimise the care service they offer to their clients in a virtual environment. Their end-to-end care management solutions offer family members peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are not only being cared for by their carers using the latest, market leading care management software, but their daily care, medication needs, and activities are being monitored by cutting edge, innovative IOT sensory technology. Care agencies and care home owners can take advantage of this technology to optimise the care service they offer to their clients by being informed of all their clients’ activities in a virtual environment. They can then allocate care workers more efficiently based on carefully analysed human behaviour rather than rigid time slots, creating a more person-centred environment.

How many organisations / clients currently utilise the service / solution across the UK?

As Zuri is still relatively new in the industry, with their beginnings coming out of the Channel Islands. Zuri has steadily grown over the last two years and is now used by more than 50 organisations across the UK, with over 5000 users accessing Zuri on a daily basis.

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the Dementia 2020 conference on 30th April?

With the growing numbers of people in the UK living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, we need to focus on what can be done to promote independence and allow people to remain living in their own homes for longer, or care homes of their choice, in a safe and nurturing environment. People with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other related diseases have a progressive biological brain disorder that makes it more and more difficult for them to remember things, think clearly, communicate with others, and take care of themselves. In addition, Dementia can cause mood swings and even change a person’s personality and behaviour. Zuri is able to provide some practical strategies and outcome-based care planning tools for dealing with the troubling behaviour problems and communication difficulties often encountered when caring for a person with Dementia. Using a digital software platform, allows carers and family members to have full visibility of the care being provided, in one comprehensive care management platform.Zuri’s Client Portal and mobile app’s are simple and clear design is user friendly, and visibly engaging. The clear dashboards and reports allow easy analysis of data and trends, providing administrators and managers a full and clear overview of their business.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with Zuri?

Zuri is able to offer a full care management solution, designed to provide real time visibility to all stakeholders involved in a client’s care, whether in their own home, or in a care setting. Zuri is looking to work with partners that are like-minded in their approach to the provision of care, aiming for care records that are visible to all that are involved in a person’s care, including the family, GP’s and pharmacy, and Allied Professionals. Zuri has a published open API, enabling integration between other software platforms simple and easy.

If you would like to learn more about Zuri Care please visit https://www.zuri.care/

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