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HiAP 2019 - Partner Profile - INFORM Health

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Who are INFORM Health?

Modernisation of sexual health services to integrate care and improve access has resulted in significant changes, coupled with the way commissioning has changed, brings new challenges to the delivery of sexual health services.

The founders of INFORM, already working within the sexual health industry, identified a need for a new type of technology to improve the service. They decided to create a system specifically designed to benefit both clinicians and patients and revolutionise the service itself. Built from the ground up to support the needs of an ever-changing modern sexual health service, INFORM Health was born.

How has INFORM Health improved population health in the UK?

What drives us at INFORM is our passion to deliver real improvements in efficiency, service delivery and patient care through the applied use of technology. At the core of INFORM Sexual Health, is a secure web-based software application for the management and delivery of sexual health services.

We use complex algorithms to implement service defined rules which aid in the smooth running of the system.

The benefits to health care providers and patients are far reaching. The long-term cost effectiveness of going digital and improved efficiency are just a few of the benefits.

“Since moving to electronic results requesting and reporting, our delay in getting results to patients is now only a matter of a few days, as opposed to weeks previous, and most of this time is waiting for the result to come back from the lab” - Gabriel Schembri, Manchester University Hospitals.

Improvements in efficiency have a huge impact on services;

· Services can better plan and manage their clinics, appointments and resources.

· Improved patient access and experience

· Patients are seen quicker.

· Reduces the burden of data collection and reporting.

· Increases the efficiency and quality of data collection.

· Provides health services information they need to effectively monitor and analyse service delivery.

Together in partnership with sexual health care providers, INFORM aims to continue improving the life and health of our population by providing the technology to support the delivery of service improvement.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

INFORM’s success has been their ability to truly understand the needs and challenges of sexual health services. Inform constantly strive to deliver the benefits of today’s technology, building and sharing service delivery expertise with all their customers. Inform are passionate about their products and what they can do for sexual health services and service users. Ensuring INFORM continues to evolve alongside the needs of a fast-paced modern service and ensuring customers are supported to continually deliver best practice, are INFORM’s priorities.

The measurable outcomes are significant. Following the implementation of Inform Sexual Health at Nottingham University Hospitals, they reported;

· 31% uplift in revenue

· 16% uplift in income

· 80% coding improvement within the electronic Patient Record

· 40% coding improvement with Data Manager.

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?

INFORM is currently utilised by over 17 NHS Trust’s, operating at multiple sites across the country to deliver a robust, digital sexual health management system. Our customers use INFORM for a whole range of sexual health related care. In clinic INFORM is used to support appointment booking, manage the waiting room and patient flow through clinic. INFORM’s unique intelligent clinical patient record has been designed with clinicians to provide efficient and robust documentation of clinical care.

Work that goes on outside the consultation room is supported with workload management tools for highly efficient and accurate follow up and recall, results management and partner notification management.

INFORM has also developed technology for patients. INFORM patient kiosk allows patients to register with the health service, arrive for booked appointments and through the digital triage process, the kiosk manages the arrival of drop-in patients, arriving them into clinic or providing self-service products including STI and pregnancy testing kits and condoms and lubricants.

Our online registration and appointment booking system allows patients access to services online like no other system in sexual health. This real-time is enabling customers to manage their services in a safe, efficient, paperless manner. The use of our product brings improvements in efficiency, service delivery and ultimately patient care. Our solution allows analysis and planning of future services based on historical trends and events, staffing performance and service information.

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the HiAP 2019 conference on 1st May?

INFORM has an exciting year ahead. Starting with the launch of our much-anticipated Personal Health Record (PHR). Unique to the sexual health care market, the PHR will revolutionise the way services are able to deliver care to their patients. Enabling patients to take control of their own care, they will be able to receive results and notifications online, will have the facility to self-manage partner notifications, can receive treatment where appropriate, and be able to receive repeat contraception where appropriate. The PHR will also allow patients to collect treatment or contraception from a community pharmacy, but most importantly the PHR will support the patient to self-manage. Should a patient begin a treatment pathway that’s not achieved it will be highlighted to the service and the service will be able to intervene. The sum total of all this is much better patient experience.

The PHR enables services to treat more patients with the same or reduced resources. Some services on their ROI calculators have looked at significant cost savings to service provision which is perfect for out current environment where services are being expected to deliver the same level of services and more but with a reducing financial envelope.

INFORM believe the PHR is the way that people will start to deliver care, because of its pure efficiency, it is the future of sexual health services.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with INFORM Health?

INFORM Health are industry experts within the field of sexual health. We pride ourselves on not only our knowledge but also our desire to continually improve the sexual health services. With that in mind we are constantly striving to better our product and evolve with the needs of the service. Strong partnerships are paramount to achieve this. We work closely with our customers to support them in reaching their desired operational practice both during the implementation period and post implementation on an ongoing basis. Needs which naturally change over time. We listen, we create, we deliver.

If you would like to learn more about INFORM Health please visit http://informsh.co.uk/index.html

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