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Improving Patient Safety & Care 2020 - Partner Profile - Hygienex

HSG is one of the washroom services market leaders and is renowned for its high standards of product development and customer service.

In 2019 the company used this experience in the industry and its passion for improving washroom standards to develop and launch Cleen - the UK’s first fully integrated washroom facilities management tool.

Cleen is the ‘Trip Advisor’ of washrooms – recognising that visitors need to have an understanding of facilities before they visit, and being able to report an issue if one arises.

Cleen is made up of three products, The Cleen App, The Cleen Tablet and The Cleen Dashboard.

1. The free Cleen App enables the public to log good and bad reviews of venue washrooms, raising issues for improvement.

2. The Cleen Tablet is programmed specifically for each washroom, allowing customers to easily review the washroom on-site.

3. The Cleen Dashboard then allows businesses to monitor reviews, take action and respond to feedback. The Dashboard is also used by Service Providers, as they link with the business to provide an easy issue reporting system, which logs progress and performance.

Cleen is the UK’s first fully integrated washroom facilities management tool and review app to help venues and washroom services providers address issues and promote their high-quality facilities.

The Cleen App and Dashboard use the latest app technology and aims to improve the world – one washroom at a time – with the potential to become the Trip Advisor of washrooms. Cleen is a game-changer in the market.

Glamorgan County Cricket Club – is already on board, along with NEC, Birmingham, Leeds and Museum sites and several other major venues showing interest. Multi-National washroom services providers are due to come to fruition in the coming weeks - becoming a distributor for the Dashboard by onboarding their customers to connect with them.

The condition and cleanliness of washrooms are paramount when visiting a hospital or surgery and real-time feedback from visitors helps to maintain facilities and react quickly to improve patient safety and care on their visit.

There is a specific focus on disabled facilities and ensuring they have all of the facilities they need on their visit, to feel valued and included. Cleen helps create an inclusive practice, listening to needs and reacting to take voice of visitors.

With Cleen installed, venues find that cleaning teams automatically improve their service, as they are being monitored. This is a huge benefit for all sites.

The Cleen app is free to download and available on Apple and Android systems with the use of easy to access icons and characters to engage the user and make this a simple, fun and engaging way of sharing information with other users. Thousands of people have downloaded the app and reviews are building in momentum.

Businesses and washroom services providers sign up for their Cleen Dashboard to gain immediate email alerts to reviews, this allows the venue to assign tasks to staff, then track and measure the performance of their teams.

The Dashboard uses real-time technology to enable the user to see informative data collected immediately so that prompt action can be taken to resolve issues and respond directly to the review source. The Dashboard will also highlight trends with issues, to ensure the best products and service providers are being used.

To enable businesses to receive even more reviews directly on-site, HSG has more recently introduced a new product called the Cleen Tablet. These Data Stations can be installed in or near washrooms for ease of feedback.

There are no direct competitors for The Cleen App or Dashboard, as this is the first of its kind.

HSG itself has a major advantage of being a Dashboard user, allowing their washroom services customers to connect and report immediately when they sign up. Washroom suppliers are also looking to HSG for support and guidance in using the tool.

Thousands of reviews have so far been posted on the app, with over 2500 venues being reviewed already.

Brand awareness has increased via social media advertising, with a reach of over 20,000 in January 2019 and increasing to over 30,000 in March 2019. Target audiences are engaging with the brand and key players such as parent bloggers are keen to review the app and reach out to their audiences. Cleen has also been a big hit in the press, being such an innovative and resourceful product.

Disability charities are highly involved in working together to survey their customers, providing brand awareness, app downloads and in-turn providing data to support business cases for The Dashboard.

HSG showcased Cleen at the National Loo of the Year Awards in December 2019 with positive feedback and sign-ups from several major players in the cleaning and facilities management industries.

The company is therefore confident that this is an all-important tool for the NHS to embrace.

Free trials are available*

If you would like to learn more about Hygienex please visit https://hsguk.com/

If you would like to learn more about Cleen please visit https://www.cleen.world/

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