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Improving Patient Safety & Care 2020 - Partner Profile - IDNS

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

IDNS have been leading the way in interactive technology design, integration and implementation for over 30 years and are now part of the NHS Shared Business Framework for Audio Visual Solutions and Integrated Operating Theatres. Utilising our unrivalled in-house technical expertise and straightforward honest approach, we help thousands of customers realise their maximum potential through the use of technology.

Although relatively new to the NHS, our exploration with hospitals, trusts and CCG’s has resulted in findings to help improve patient care right across the spectrum. For example, we recently helped the Royal Bolton Hospital stroke department and physio team introduce interactive technology to support the rehabilitation of patients. This technology is being used to improve patient mobility functions, memory and balance. It’s also helping staff to monitor and evidence improvements.

The pioneering work we have done with the stroke team has resulted in findings being shared with the Manchester Stroke Network. This has led to us working with the hospitals to create new applications built into the interactive technology that can be used specifically for stroke rehabilitation.

We’re also investigating how existing processes for delirium and dementia rehabilitation can be improved through interactive technologies in a similar way.

In partnership with clinicians, we’re working to help reduce the amount of time patients spend in care, increasing staff availability and allowing staff to evidence measured patient outcomes and results.

As part of the NHS’ long term plan for digital transformation, we’re working with informatic teams to improve the availability and sharing of information and resources through the use of technology.

For example, we recently helped the Royal Bolton Hospital by introducing interactive technologies to all the wards across the hospital. The technology is being used by staff to share information via their EPR system to improve patient management and speed up the flow of information between wards and consultants, which in-turn enables more time for patient care.

Another example is the work we’re doing with Blackburn Hospital and the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. Video conferencing is no longer a complicated and costly setup, integration with existing platforms such as Zoom, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams means costs are significantly reduced. By saving staff travel time NHS establishments can share resources and maximise staff availability for patient care.

We recently completed a major redevelopment of the Charles Wolfson Centre for Reconstructive Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital. Developed in collaboration with the world-renowned surgeon Professor Peter Butler, the facilities expand research in developing new treatments in reconstructive surgery, using the most up-to-date facilities and best equipment.

The cutting-edge facilities allow surgeons to provide a 360-degree view of the reconstructive work being completed and share it with up to 60 students in 4K.

The new reconstructive surgery brings together innovative surgical techniques and exploitation of recent scientific research to narrow the gap between pure science and clinical practice.

If you would like to learn more about IDNS please visit https://www.idns.co.uk/

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