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Improving Patient Safety & Care 2020 - Partner Profile - Marsden

Who are Marsden?

Marsden is the leading supplier of medical weighing scales to NHS hospitals, and leaders of innovation in weighing. It is Marsden that introduced the revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale - a transfer board with built in weighing scale - to hospitals in the UK and worldwide in 2019. 500 Patient Transfer Scales are now in use around the world.

Marsden is the only British weighing scale manufacturer that offers a one stop solution to customers - manufacturing, sales and servicing of weighing equipment.

How has Marsden improved patient safety and care across the health sector?

Marsden’s strategy is ‘better patient outcomes, improved user experience, reduced costs for healthcare.’ This is at the heart of every Marsden product.

The Patient Transfer Scale means that immobile patients can be weighed instantly and accurately, and therefore correct drug dosages and treatment can be administered. It can be common practice for the weight of an immobile patient to be estimated, particularly in emergency and time critical scenarios. Weight estimation is a potentially dangerous practice: the Patient Transfer Scale means we no longer need to guess the weight of the patient.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

Marsden M-999 Patient Transfer Scale

Marsden’s greatest achievement to date, in its 93 years of history, has been the introduction and subsequent success of the Patient Transfer Scale - 500 units since launch, including 200 in the USA and over 200 in the UK.

The Patient Transfer Scale is undergoing trials at a number of hospitals, and most recently was part of a paediatric study by Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS. The PTS was tested against a conventional method: the APLS formula, which is used to estimate a child’s weight. Results showed that in 86% of the weigh-ins the Patient Transfer Scale gave a weight of within 500g of the child’s actual weight. The APLS formula result showed the same accuracy for just 21% of weigh-ins. The average difference for the former was just 0.04kg; the average difference for the latter was 2.3kg.

A recent Door to Needle Time study by Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust found that Door to Needle, CT To Needle and Admission To Needle times were all reduced when the Patient Transfer Scale was used.

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?

Marsden weighing scales can be found in 85% of NHS Trusts. Around 60% of NHS Trusts are regular Marsden customers, and most currently have a service contract with Marsden.

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the Improving Patient Safety & Care 2020 conference on 13th February?

Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Lift Assist

Marsden’s latest innovation, the M-250 chair scale with stand assist, is launched in March 2020. We believe this is another world-first for Marsden and can be pre-ordered through our website from 2nd January 2020.

The M-250 is designed for weighing patients with limited mobility: the powered lifting seat gently eases the patient in and out of the chair, easing mobility and reducing strain on patients and staff during the weighing process.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with Marsden?

Marsden is in itself an institution, as leaders in the field since 1926. Our company is built on a reputation for durability, longevity and accuracy, and improving the patient experience.

If you would like to learn more about Marsden please visit https://www.marsden-weighing.co.uk/

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