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Improving Patient Safety & Care 2019 - Partner Profile - Courtney Thorne

Who are Courtney Thorne?

Courtney Thorne is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer, installer and maintainer of Smart Wireless Nurse call systems. For the last 50 years, we have supplied the NHS, Private hospital and Care home sector in the UK and through authorised dealers across the world with innovative solutions which not only perform an alarm function but also provide vital data and information on the efficiency of the hospital ward environment.

How has Courtney Thorne improved patient safety and care across NHS settings ?

With wireless solutions, simplicity of installation and adaptability become real benefits. No longer do hospital wards need clearing of patients for systems to be installed or altered. Understanding patient issues quickly and responding accordingly is a key benefit with all Courtney Thorne solutions. Clear audible and visual information directs care to the right place. Managers and stakeholders can understand where inefficiencies exist and put in corrective measures, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. Using Smart wireless technology and integrating with other services and applications gives added benefit as solutions “talk” to each other, data on care activities can be dovetailed with care planning, ward temperatures even levels of noise, giving a safer and more suitable environment to better outcomes for patients.

What has been your greatest achievement to date ? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement ?

Working in partnership with Kent NHS Trust we were able to understand their needs across all levels of patient care and staff involved. By liaising with all stakeholders involved, the design of the right and most cost-effective solution provided at the initial tendering stage gave the Trust confidence that we understood what they wanted and were able to give further benefits based on the solution that met their budget. The installation of an initial system in one hospital was followed by 6 further hospitals over the ensuing months. At no time did installations negatively impact on the care of patients or staff going about their daily duties. Most importantly the trust now had the solution that helped to ensure the necessary safety and security for patients by providing simple to operate emergency buttons for both patients and staff as well as accurate data reporting on the levels of activity attending to patient emergencies.

How many trusts currently utilise the systems/solution across the UK? Courtney Thorne has been partnering with NHS Trusts for over 20 years. In this time over 30 Trusts have utilised Courtney Thorne systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are in contact with Estates Managers, Procurement Managers and senior ward staff on a regular basis. This level of interaction provides Courtney Thorne with a better understanding of how our system can provide greater efficiencies and helps with new product developments to benefit the Trust even further.

What do you feel are the key points delegates/NHS trusts need to digest when considering a partnership with Courtney Thorne?

  • Tried and trusted technology from a company who have been supplying the NHS for many years that understand the requirements for operational and management staff and patients who use nurse call systems.

  • Services and solutions need to meet relevant HTM 08-03 bed head requirements and can be installed and adapted with minimum disturbance to patients and staff.

  • New solutions available from Courtney Thorne derived by collaborating with other solution application providers enhancing the benefits derived initial investment.

If you would like to learn more, please visit Courtney Thorne's website to view some of their most recent case studies

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