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Improving Patient Safety & Care 2019 - Partner Profile - Piota

Who are Piota?

Piota are one of the leading communication mobile app providers in the UK. Founded in 2014, we started by providing mobile apps to schools to help them communicate and engage more efficiently with their parents and students. From 2017, we expanded more widely and now serve clients in healthcare, supported living, universities, charities, sports clubs and more. Any organisation looking to improve the way they communicate with their community can take advantage of our app.

How has Piota improved patient care across the health sector?

We supply a discrete mobile app to each healthcare setting to enable it to effectively communicate with patients, families and carers. Each app brings together all relevant news, hospital information, letters, emergency contacts, clinic timings, contacts details, local and national resources, signposting and other information in a central, easily accessible hub on patients’ phones, ready for immediate reference when they need it. You can also use the app to send targeted alerts and reminders via push notifications to all users of the app, specific sub groups or even individuals. Patients are able to complete feedback forms or surveys which can be used to monitor health or recovery. Each app is customised for your service so you can tailor it for your priorities, whether that is delaying onset of a long term condition, discharging patients earlier from primary care or simply providing a better quality service to patients and families while saving internal time and cost.

Long Term Conditions

We supply several NHS diabetes departments and feedback from clinicians and patients alike is that their apps can significantly help self-management at home or abroad. Whether in everyday living or emergency situations, they will have an instantly accessible reference source on their phones or tablets to consult, along with numbers to click and call and next steps advice.When the service needs to update them about a product recall, pump software update, new clinic timings, best practice advice updates, reminders, change of contact details, charity events, feedback requests healthy eating tips etc, simply use push notifications to generate an alert on the app.

Patient Care & Support

Supporting patients before, during and after hospital admissions is less intensive when using an app as it becomes the go-to place for much of the information they need. Beforehand they can consult it for information about their condition, what to expect on the day, policy and procedure documents, letters, procedure risks etc. During their time in hospital the patient and family can access a who’s who of the department, the menus, car parking details and cafe and creche opening times on it. After discharge it holds recovery advice, physio videos, a tip of the day, prompts from your service and a feedback channel to help with remote monitoring. Much the same applies to people seeking to make healthier lifestyle changes at home and work. Self-management is easier for them and more efficiently handled by you if all commonly required information is instantly available to the patient and you have a method of communicating directly with them when needed.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

With smartphone ownership now over 95%, communication via apps is the most direct and effective way to engage with your community.

We make communication platforms but it is the client who uploads, edits and controls all the information on it. As such, credit for awards such as the runner up spot at Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes 2018 belongs with the client - in this case Dr Scott Williamson and his team at the NHS Ayrshire & Arran paediatric diabetes department. However we are proud of providing a system for them which is easy to use, versatile, and popular with patients and clinicians alike. Without these attributes it would be just another piece of software gathering dust on the shelf.

The QiC judge’s comments were: "This smartphone app addresses a big everyday problem of ensuring parents of children with type 1 diabetes have easy access to the most up to date information. This is a much more effective system than most local arrangements - a single channel of communication, rather than bombarding people with lots of messages on multiple channels, hoping they will use one. The judges said that this small clinic in the west of Scotland should be congratulated for their technical expertise and determination in developing the app, and also for identifying a real need among their service users."

How many organisations currently utilise the solution across the UK?

We have over 400 customers, across industries, spread worldwide, with the majority in the UK.

What would you like to tell the attendees in advance of the conference, and when considering a partnership with Piota?

We would love the opportunity to discuss how a Piota app could help digital transformation and communications within your department, improving patient care whilst saving you internal time and cost. We can show you working apps for many conditions: diabetes, respiratory, maternity, dental, public health campaigns, hearing impairment and more.We offer a free trial as standard so you can test the scope and functionality of the app before purchase decision. Depending on requirements, your free trial app could be ready within a matter of hours! Once you’ve trialled the app and decided to go ahead, full training and support is provided by our friendly, in-house, support team.

Come and visit us in the Atrium room to discuss how we could transform your communication.

For further information on features and functionality, there’s more information on our website www.piota.co.uk

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