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Improving Patient Safety & Care 2019 - Partner Profile - Tookie

Who are Tookie Limited?

Tookie Limited is located in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Innovation Centre, Liverpool. Tookie is a ‘Health Care Innovation Business’ with the fundamental ethos of enabling people to return to a life with greater levels of normality, freedom & independence enabling more active participation in activities of their choice. #ALifeMoreNormal

Tookie wearable products are patient, parent and clinician driven innovations, focusing upon central line security – addressing unmet clinical and patient needs.

Tookie has driven the development of an innovative product portfolio, along with robust clinical ‘adoption’ processes making ‘#ALifeMoreNormal’ a reality – the Tookie brand and company ethos.

Where patients are undergoing treatment with lines, Tookie products are safe and cost-effective solutions to reduce accidental line displacement – which has a serious clinical and financial impact for the NHS.

Tookie’s technology, which has been researched and developed with the help of patients, carers and clinicians, allows patients to lead #ALifeMoreNormal with the knowledge their CVC line is secured safely, dramatically decreasing the chance of accidental removal, relieving pressure from the NHS where line failure requires costly revisions and giving peace of mind to the patient, carer and parent or guardian.

Tookie has patients at the heart of its design philosophy and has worked closely with patient and clinician groups to achieve a best-in-class design award.

Tookie has four existing products around renal and oncology, for both children and adults and several more in design and development to meet the patient un-met need in the NHS for enhanced line security.

How has Tookie improved patient safety and care across NHS settings?

Tookie delivers a number of key benefits which significantly reduce the need for NHS support and therefore relieves the pressure from NHS services and spending, designed for both hospital and home use.

The products have been developed to reduce line complications including line fall out for patients in treatment for dialysis and chemotherapy.

Tookie provides confidence to the patient, clinician and the whole team by reducing the likelihood of line complication. Tookie also enhances patient quality of life by alleviating the anxiety around potential line fall-out and reduces the need for further operations to repeat the insertion procedure. Tookie products reduce the number of complex line revisions and any associated complications and ultimately reduces the cost of repeat procedures.

Dr. Saeed Ahmed, Consultant Interventional Nephrologist said, (Dr. Ahmed sits on the Vascular Access Society of Britain and Ireland Executive) “Vascular access is the cornerstone to providing adequate HD which is ultimately a life-saving therapy and as a surgeon who is published on the complications of catheter displacement, I understand and can see the real value to patients that Tookie’s Renal vest provides.

“As Chief Investigator, I am delighted to be part of a research team that includes my own patients which has contributed to the design of a medical device that will improve patient quality of life on a global basis.”

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

The key strength of Tookie is the successful collaborative partnership engagement with the NIHR Infrastructure, allowing us to reach out to clinicians and patients and drive innovation. Tookie has been awarded runner up in the NHS Bright Ideas Awards for Industry Engagement with the NHS, Medilink Northern Power House Innovation Award and recently announced shortlisting in this year’s HSJ Awards in the Partnership Category with the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN.

How many trusts currently utilise the systems/solution across the UK?

It is early days for Tookie in terms of adoption through the NHS Supply Chain but Tookie is delighted that seven NHS Trusts have Tookie products on trial and the Tookie Value Proposition with the Trust’s key influencers including procurement teams, who are building the business case with clinical advocators keen to endorse Tookie products.

What do you feel are the key points delegates/NHS trusts need to digest when considering a partnership with Tookie?

In the UK thousands of patients are being treated for cancer and renal related illnesses which require central lines. Many of these patients having their lines accessed daily in order to administer medicine and monitor health. Prior to Tookie there were no wearable medical devices being offered to patients and in many instances, lines were left loose or taped to the skin; causing unnecessary discomfort and raised anxiety for patient and parents/carers. Line complications can result in infection with serious risk of mortality – 20% of patients with line removal suffer an infection; 20% of those will die from infection. There are also significant costs involved due to line fall out; in paediatric oncology at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, around 10% of lines are removed inadvertently (according to RMCH clinical analysis).

According to clinical analysis at the Adult Renal Centre in City Hospitals Sunderland, around 20% of lines are removed inadvertently. Each replacement line costs at least £3,000, this £3,000 is the cost before the onset of any infection – if infection sets in, costs can escalate significantly.

Tookie products have been created in conjunction with patients, carers and clinicians within the NHS – to not only improve the lives of all three groups and help create a life more normal, but to also create large savings for the NHS, as well as supporting the NHS workforce.

Would you be happy to provide a free consultation for any interested parties who are attending the conference on the 6th of February so as they can better understand how Tookie can help improve patient safety & care?

We would be delighted to provide a free consultation with any interested parties attending the conference to discuss how Tookie can help improve patient safety and care.

Please contact David Axon, CEO Tookie Limited.


07740 923279

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