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NHS Long Term Plan 2020 - Partner Profile - Barnardo's

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Who are Barnardo’s?

Barnardo’s is the UK’s largest charity serving children, young people, families and communities. For over 150 years we have been doing everything we can to enable young people to thrive.

Promoting health and wellbeing has always been at the heart of our work and is now explicitly a core priority in our new Ten Year Strategy, as we continue to measure our impact, learn, influence and innovate.

Since launching our first specialist bereavement counselling services nearly two decades ago, we are now commissioned to provide health and wellbeing services for thousands of children, young people and their families throughout the UK, operating right across the spectrum of prevention, early intervention, targeted and specialist support in a variety of disciplines and settings. Provision includes universal wellbeing and resilience, parenting, family hubs, child and family wellbeing services, sexual health, counselling, therapeutic adoption and fostering provision, specialist services for highly vulnerable groups, trauma recovery and informed practice and integrated CAMHS and health and social care services.

How has Barnardo’s improved outcomes for the NHS and patients?

Barnardo’s has improved outcomes through our partnership work, specialist services, targeted support and universal programmes for children, young people and families. A few examples are as follows:

Partnership work

Big Manchester

A partnership of five voluntary sector agencies in Manchester, offering unique, holistic, and personalised, strengths-based support to vulnerable families with children of primary school age who are affected by complex issues including domestic abuse, substance abuse and/or parental mental ill health.

Data collected by the partnership shows key improvements in outcomes for children and young people across a range of domains, including safeguarding, mental health, domestic violence, school attendance, and resilience. The 2018 impact report for Big Manchester showed that, using the sample of 40 families:

· 78% of families had a parent with improved mental health

· 74% of families with a safeguarding issue have had child protection proceedings removed

· 73% report decreased isolation within their local community

The report also showed that the partnership led to system-wide impacts, including:

· Reduction in demand on children’s services, courts, drug and alcohol services, domestic violence services, and community support services

· Improvement in school-family relationships, including improved attendance and attainment

· Improvement in parental capacity to volunteer, attend educational courses, and/or take up employment

Targeted support

Brent Children’s Centres

In 2018-19, just under 12,000 children and 16,000 parents attended our Children’s Centres in Brent. These provide support to children, young people, and families in relation to mental health and wellbeing, parenting and family support, family and community resilience, and child development and learning. In relation to health and wellbeing:

· 99% reported positive impacts for themselves and their children after taking up health and wellbeing support at the centres

· 52% of parents/carers, and 48% of children and young people, reported improvements in their emotional health

· 43% of children and young people, and 29% of parents/carers, reported healthier eating and drinking

· 36% of parents/carers are exercising more, along with 23% of children and young people

Universal Programmes

The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version)[1]

A whole school curriculum designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of children in primary school. The programme aims to improve emotional understanding, self-control, social problem-solving, peer relations, and self-esteem. Teachers also receive specialist training and coaching support to help them embed mental health and wellbeing across the school.

In 2018-19 Barnardo’s co-ordinators supported 102 schools and 14 pre-schools in delivering the programme. In the 2018-19 academic year, Barnardo’s reached over 25,000 pupils, with training also delivered to:

· 1,199 teachers

· 539 non-teaching staff

· 659 parents.

In 2018, the PATHS® Programme completed a four year roll out of the programme in 40 schools across Northern Ireland which has had the following impact:

· 52% improved concentration and attention

· 51% improved social and emotional competence

· 46% reduced aggression and disruptive behaviour

· 91% of pupils said that PATHS® Programme helped them to develop their friendship skills

· 89% of pupils said that PATHS® Programme helped them with their problem-solving skills

· 89% of pupils reported that PATHS® Programme helped them understand their own emotions

[1] PATHS®, PATHS® Model School, and The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) are trademarks of PATHS® Program Holding, LLC.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

Barnardo’s has invested in a three-year ambition of becoming more adversity, trauma and culturally informed and responsive. We have committed to offer face-to-face and e-learning training to all 7,000+ paid colleagues and over 23,000 unpaid colleagues across all functions, including retail, fundraising, marketing colleagues, at all levels and in all roles.

In 2018-19, Dr Karen Treisman provided trauma informed practice training to 560 leaders across the Barnardo’s workforce. Dr Treisman will also be working across regions and directorates to embed trauma-informed values and principles in all our work.

We have developed a trauma-informed practice learning portal, in partnership with Psychotherapy Excellence, for all paid colleagues to access. This will ensure staff have access to information about the impacts of trauma, helping them to provide effective support for children and families.

We are also delivering training for our practitioners and managers to ensure they are looking after their own mental health and wellbeing and are mindful of the context of their work and potential impacts such as vicarious trauma.

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?

In 2018-19 Barnardo’s directly supported more than 294,300 children, young people, parents and carers, of which 181,100 were supported through our Children’s Centres and Family Hubs and 40,100 children, young people, parents and carers through our Mental Health services. This includes 28,700 children supported through our school-based programmes, aimed at improving social and emotional learning.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with Barnardo’s?

Barnardo’s can work with commissioners and partners to transform services and lives – meeting today’s challenges and preventing tomorrow’s through delivering universal, targeted and specialist services from pre-birth onwards and delivering better outcomes for more children, young people and their families.

As a trusted national provider with over 150 years’ experience, strong track record in delivering services and a unique insight into the needs of the most vulnerable young people in our communities, Barnardo’s can offer a strong infrastructure to support high quality service provision with highly robust systems in relation to child protection, clinical governance, auditing and information management.

If you would like to learn more about Barnardos please visit https://www.barnardos.org.uk/

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