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NHS Long Term Plan 2020 - Partner Profile - CFH Docmail Ltd

Who are CFH Docmail Ltd?

CFH Docmail is a leading UK patient communication solution provider, helping NHS Trusts, CCGs and medical practices achieve an integrated and effective communication programme, designed to increase patient engagement and efficiencies.

Whether you are utilising mail, SMS and e-delivery to an app or portal, we are able to support you in the ever-changing landscape by delivering your patient communications in a secure, approved and efficient way.

How has CFH Docmail Ltd improved outcomes for the NHS and patients?

With CFH, effective communication is not just about the cost, but is also about results, timely response, and clear patient understanding. It is that combination that has provided healthcare organisation with real savings and positive outcomes.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? And were there any measurable outcomes that accompanied this achievement?

Every day we save the NHS precious time and money on their patient communication. We also help to optimise the effectiveness of their messaging which reduces DNAs, ensures that patients attend on time and vitally are appropriately prepared, all of which improve patient outcomes.

We helped transform the appointment communication process throughout Leicester NHS Trust, one of the busiest trusts in the country. Traditionally the 80,000 appointment letters were sent out each month by internal resources. This was not only costly and time consuming but the limitations of the system meant that patients could not receive full and clear details of where appointments were being held, leading to missed appointments, delays and patient anxiety and complaints.

CFH Docmail helped implement a patient communication toolkit, which allowed the trust to communicate with their patients within a single system, providing complete communication and resource management. The new service also allowed for an additional tailored map to be included.

Outcome achievements

· Real cost saving of £170,000 per annum on hard costs such as paper, ink and postage; this does not include staff time and reduction in inefficiencies.

· No stock holding of headed paper meaning footers can be changed immediately without wasting out of date stock.

· 1st class automatically selected only where urgent appointment is within the next 8 working days means DSA or 2nd class can be used for more routine appointments, saving postal costs.

· Bespoke outer envelopes increased open rate and reduces DNAs.


Shirley said, “The £170k a year we have saved has been on hard costs like paper, ink and post, the real saving when you take into consideration staff time and the reduction in inefficiencies is much greater.

“The quality improvement both in terms of presentation and patient support has been considerable. We also have the benefit of an excellent support team at CFH who anticipate and remind us of any decisions that need to be made.”

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?

Currently within the health sector, over 4,000 medical practices, NHS Trusts and CCGs use our communication toolkit to communicate with their patients and achieve effective results.

CFH Docmail works with over 20,000 organisations including local authorities, financial organisations and small to medium enterprises.

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the NHS Long Term Plan 2020 conference on 29th April?

Digital Transformation may be at the top of everyone’s shopping list but it’s different for every part and player in the NHS. Spend time talking to us about your particular needs and we’ll be able to share the insights gained not only from our wealth of experience helping the NHS but also uniquely from the council partners with whom you’re likely to be joining forces now and in the future.

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with CFH Docmail Ltd?

CFH Docmail is more highly accredited than any other provider in the sector. Our data security is at the heart of our operation and we have a dedicated in- house IT team. Every part of the communication process takes place within our sites. We have locations in Radstock, Slough and Livingston (Scotland) to ensure capacity and the most robust disaster recovery provision to guarantee continuity of service. We have extensive experience of the NHS sector and are used by our clients to provide the development of bespoke and tailored processes which most effectively meet your specific needs. We cater for individual and bulk mailings which allow you to develop a roll out programme of efficiencies across every department and to begin the digital transformation at the pace that suits you best but delivers savings from day one.

If you would like to learn more about CFH Docmail Ltd please visit https://www.cfhdocmail.com/

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